Disclaimer & Confidentiality:

EQWomen strives to provide a quality service in each area of its business. Services will include, but not be limited to one-on-one coaching, group training, consulting, public speaking and online programs. The delivery of services is based on quality product and service, significant training and professional skills and with a substantial level of life skills and maturity. Those services can be provided in a number of forums including one on one consultations, at seminars, training events, online courses and by means of electronic communication (eg skype) Participants seeking the benefit of the services should be aware that EQWomen cannot and does not promise any specific outcome will be achieved for individuals or groups. EQWomen will always endeavour to provide quality services but the benefits derived by individuals or groups will depend on the approach adopted to the service provided, the level of maturity of an individual, personal differences and preferences of an individual, life experiences of an individual and the degree of personal insight available to an individual.

 Comments, opinions and observations made by EQWomen or any person or party acting in any capacity through EQWomen should not be seen as being specific to any individual or group and individuals or groups should seek specific professional advice from EQWomen in terms of specific enquiries or matters as they relate to individuals or groups.

Reference Materials – Any materials, in whatever format, provided by or recommended by EQWomen should not be taken as being specific to any individual or group but rather as a source of information only for assistance. Individuals or groups should seek specific advice from EQWomen in terms of specific enquiries or matters as they relate to individuals or groups.

 Web Server – EQWomen has attempted to make the information on its server as accurate as possible. The information on the web server is for personal use and of a general nature only and not specific to any user’s requirements. No guarantee is given as to the accuracy or currency of any specific or individual item on the server. EQWomen does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage occasioned by the use of the information on the server or from access to the server. All access and use is at the risk of the user.

 Confidentiality – All communications and information exchanged between EQWomen and any individual or group as part of a consultative or other process is confidential. Unless required by law or otherwise compellable any written or oral information, documents or correspondence (including emails, voice mails and meeting notes) will not be disclosed to a third party without the written consent of both EQWomen and an individual.


Refunds/Return Policy

EQ Women stand behind their products. If you change your mind, don’t think it’s for you, or have even the slightest hesitation that you’ve not received great value within 30 days, we’ll respectfully refund your money to your credit card. 

If you have any issues please email Nanette Irvine at info@eqwomen.com.au