Succeed in your career of choice. You want to develop your knowledge and skill in your career. You want the opportunity to advance in your career.

Succeed in achieving an income that reflects your work effort. You want to be recognised and paid for your effort, skill and ability.

Succeed in having the freedom to make choices in your life. You know you are willing to work hard and you want to be able to make choices that reflect the way you want to live.

I Want You to Succeed

I’ve spent my life taking on new challenges, educating myself and developing insight and self-awareness. My life’s work means I have the knowledge and the skill to give you the tools for success in your life and career.

My early career would have advanced much faster if I had someone like the person I am today to mentor and coach me along the way. However, I always knew I had more to offer and found ways to challenge myself, often finding I was out of my comfort zone. I eventually became a Sales Manager of three states for an international pharmaceutical company.

This started a lifelong journey of self-education and personal development. I now know this was the key to becoming successful and achieving outcomes I had never dreamt of when I was younger. I began a distance education degree in psychology as a mature age student and I’m very proud my degree was awarded “With Distinction” and a Dean’s Commendation for Outstanding Achievement. What does that mean to you? Well you have the benefit of my life experience and also my experience from working as a counselling psychologist. This gave me great insight into why and how our behaviours can limit and prevent career success. My experience as a psychologist means your experience with me will be skilled and professional. 

I want you to succeed too. Actively developing yourself and your leaderships skills will create exciting new challenges and opportunities for you to grasp when the time is right. That’s where I come in – After all this is about me. Well you’ve seen the photo.. I’m not – well, young anymore – just young at heart. And what that means is you get the benefit of all my knowledge and life experience – and I have plenty.

I started EQ Women after completing further training as a coach and am passionate about giving you the opportunity to make your dreams a reality. Personal development underpins your potential for success in life. Feel free to browse available information products and programs and if you think there’s something here for you – I’d love to hear from you.


Professional Bio

Nanette has a BScHons Psychology from University of Southern Queensland. She has worked in private practice as a counselling psychologist and now dedicates her time to helping women to overcome the challenges that prevent them from achieving their goals. Her diverse career includes experience in small business, marketing and sales, corporate management and human resources. She is a published writer and also enjoys public speaking.

EQ Women

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