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Hi, I’m Nanette.

Come on in and get to know me.

I provide Women’s Leadership Training to women who understand that personal development is key in developing their leadership skills.

The most effective leaders of today; those who inspire great loyalty and are sought after by other companies, are the leaders who consistently demonstrate a high level of Emotional Intelligence.

My program is exclusive to women and will help you increase your connection between emotional intelligence and effective leadership.

It All Starts With You


Develop Yourself to Develop Your Leadership Skills


Develop Insight

The common factor identified in many great leaders today is Emotional Intelligence. Developing Emotional Intelligence involves developing self-awareness. Your leadership skills and ability will be greatly enhanced as you develop insight, increase confidence and develop your relationships.


Empower yourself through self knowledge, insight and skill development. You will empower others as your confidence and insight grows.


Your ability to inspire others to strive for success and increased productivity will develop with greater insight. Your actions as a leader start through self development.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Group Program

“Choosing to participate in Nanette’s Women’s Leadership Program was an easy choice for me personally; I have thirst for knowledge and experiences and I was not disappointed.  Nanette provided tools and knowledge that can be used every day in every instance.

To describe the Women’s Leadership Program in one word I would definitely use ‘Empowering’I was fortunate enough to undertake Nanette’s program with several of our staff, I can honestly say I am impressed with the continuing effects the program has had for our group. 

Through self-knowledge one builds confidence.  

Rachel Young

HR Manager

Individual Coaching

I had the pleasure of working with Nanette during a period of my life that presented many challenges and transitions.

I found our individual life coaching sessions to be both positive and empowering, providing me with the tools and motivation to make decisions and move forward with my life.

I strongly believe that my life coaching sessions with Nanette were integral to me making significant and positive changes in my relationships and career.


Finance Manager

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